General Motors Corporations

Approved Material
GMP.PA6.003 2407 HSSP BK Nylon 6 copolymer, extrusion grade
GMP.PA66.013 5133 HSL nylon 6/6, 33% glass fiber
GM7001M PA6 (A4, DC1130, E60, F219, G20, K650, M240, R35, SA1160) 607 ultra-high viscosity nylon 6
GM7001M PA66 (A3, A4, A9, A42, DC1080, F258, G20, K40, M135, R500, S151, Z1) 8005 HSL SP10 Recycled grade nylon 6/6 high-impact resistance
All approvals are for natural and black (BK) grades unless otherwise stated. CANOD refers to “color as noted on drawing”