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Wire and Cable Market

Nylene has a dedicated production line of four separate nylon grades specially formulated for wire and cable coatings. For over 26 years, Nylene has continuously provided leading manufacturers with exceptional product consistency for safer, more reliable wire construction. Nylene products are currently used in power cable, NM constructions, cable tray wire, THHN, THWN residential and commercial wire manufacturing.

All Nylene Wire and Cable products are UL and CSA approved.

Nylene 6 Wire and Cable Products Offer:
  • Toughness
  • Impact resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Weight and size reduction of conductors
  • Chemical resistance to grease, oils, hydrocarbons
  • Cut-through resistance Abrasion resistance
  • Consistent quality

Technical support is available for all Nylene products. For more information click here to contact a representative.

Nylene Wire and Cable Grades

General Properties of Nylon 6 Wire and Cable Grades:
  • Standard grades viscosity H2S04 - 2.7 -3.0
  • Extractable levels range 3 – 6%
  • Additives provided for product stabilization and long term heat ageing
  • Special production dedicated only for W&C Needs
Nylene Products:
 Nylene BX3WQ662 - the Standard Nylon
  • Standard Grade for normal production
  • Ease of processabilty for circuit size & large diameter cables
  • Production normal speeds
  • Lower extractable levels
 Nylene BX3WQ662X –More flexible Nylon
  • High Speed Grade
  • Used in circuit sizes where high speed production is used (up to 2500mpm)
  • Higher extractable levels (more flexibility)
 Nylene BX3WQ662X HRV –Higher Viscosity
  • Higher viscosity version
  • Used in both high and low speed
  • Used where increased pressure needed in extrusion equipment
 Nylene NX4795 – Low friction, specialty lube
  • Processed under regular conditions
  • Medium Viscosity
  • Specialty Lubricant added to provide reduced surface friction for easier installation characteristics.



  • UL (Polymeric Materials used in Wire &Cable)
  • CSA Approval (NM)
  • UL 83
  • UL File QMTT2.E237217

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