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Nylene Canada Inc.

Community Outreach Activities

Emergency Preparedness
Nylene Canada Inc. works with the community to ensure that its citizens are protected and cared for in times of crises. Periodically the community's emergency preparedness and response systems are tested through a partnership which includes the Town of Arnprior Council , Ontario Provincial Police, Ambulance Services and the Arnprior District Memorial Hospital. The local news media and the Canadian Military have been called to assist as well.

Open House
Each year, Nylene Canada Inc. hosts an open house for the community. Visitors have the opportunity to tour the plant, participate in safety contests and visit numerous displays that pertain to safety and wellness. Community members involved include local Fire Departments, Ambulatory Services, Provincial Police, Fitness Centers, District Board of Health Unit, Boat Safety, Chiropractors and many more.

Macnamara Field Naturalist Club
The Nylene Arnprior facility has an agreement in place with a local naturalist club to allow hiking trails and nature viewing stations throughout the site's 280 acre game preserve property. The Macnamara Club received a grant from the Hunter Foundation and developed several kilometres of trails with viewing stations depicting and describing the natural setting. These trails are visited by people from around the world.

HAZMAT Community
Nylene Canada Inc. has provided the funds for numerous local volunteer firefighters to attend HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) and emergency response training in the U.S. This training provides the firefighters with the specialized knowledge and experience that they will need to handle any emergency that may arise involving hazardous material within Arnprior and the surrounding community.

Kiosk Nylene Canada Inc. Kiosk
A community information centre has been established at the front right hand corner of the developed property. This kiosk displays health, safety and environmental data about our facility as well as providing a variety of wellness information for the community. The kiosk is also used to collect concerns or suggestions from the community regarding site operations.