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Sustainable Polymers
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Tailored Solutions

Specialty Nylon Solutions

High-Performance Polymers

Cost-Effective Alternatives

Environmental Advantages

Tailored Solutions

We specialize in formulating specialty nylon solutions tailored for unique thermal, mechanical, electrical, and sustainability needs.

We offer a variety of versatile engineering polymers designed for stronger performance, chemical resistance, heat stability, and flame retardancy.

We provide quality UL-approved, FDA-compliant PA 6 and PA 66 grades, incorporating post-industrial recycled nylon for cost-effective sustainability.

We make high-quality nylon 6 using advanced depolymerization, reducing reliance on virgin resources and promoting sustainability in the industry.

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Specialty Nylon Solutions

With over 45 years experience in manufacturing nylon, we put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.

Nylene is a leader in the science of polymer performance. Our focus is on innovation through an emphasis on service and technical capabilities.

We specialize in developing custom engineering resins. With ISO-certified facilities, we consistently produce high-quality nylon polymers, copolymers, and compounds that cater to a wide range of markets worldwide.

Hand of female worker of polymer processing factory with pile of plastic pellets
Tailored Nylon Solutions

We routinely supply tailored solutions that meet our customer's unique processes and requirements.

Manufacturing Flexibility

We can quickly and efficiently manufacture a wide range of compounded polymers in flexible quantities.

Exceptional Products & Services

We offer a full range of technical services, including a wide selection of nylon products.

Nylon Recycling

Sustainable Products & Processes

As Resource Recovery pioneers, we drive ‘green’ manufacturing by converting sub-standard nylon to recycled content, incorporating caprolactam recovery, and realizing significant cost savings.

Cost-Down Alternatives

Nylene's Resource Recovery program offers a tailored closed-loop recycling service, enabling customers to cut material costs and shrink their carbon footprint.

Closed Loop Nylon 6 Recycling

Nylene redirects pre-consumer nylon 6 waste from landfills by depolymerizing nylon fibers and plastics, transforming them into a first-quality product equivalent to virgin materials.

Nylene serves a diverse range of plastics markets on a global scale

Our extensive expertise and offerings cater to various sectors, ensuring effective solutions for a wide spectrum of needs. From automotive to electronics, packaging to textiles, and beyond, Nylene’s commitment to innovation and quality empowers industries worldwide.

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