ASTM Line Call-outs

Approved Material
ASTM D4066 PA0212 Nylene 401 nylon 6 homopolymer
ASTM D4066 PA0222 Nylene 404 nylon 6 homopolymer
ASTM D4066 PA0263 Nylene PX1719 nylon 6 copolymer
ASTM D4066-94b PA0220 G33 A39160 UM 036 Nylene 5233 HS nylon 6 33% glass fiber reinforced
ASTM D4066 PA0281 Nylene 724A nylon 6 copolymer
ASTM D4066 PA0284 UM020 Nylene 2401 HSSP nylon 6 copolymer, extrusion grade
ASTM D4066 PA022R40 KD093 Nylene 7115 HS nylon 6 40% glass fiber & mineral reinforced
ASTM D4066 PA012G35 KD160 Nylene 5133 HS nylon 6/6, 33% glass fiber reinforced
ASTM D4066 PA0121 Nylene 132 HS nylon 6/6 homopolymer
ASTM D4066 PA012G13 YI195 Nylene 5113 HS nylon 6/6, 13% glass fiber
ASTM D4066 PA0110 M40 A22110 Nylene 6140 HS nylon 6/6, 40% mineral reinforced
ASTM D4066 PA0181 PM090 Nylene 4114 HS nylon 6/6 copolymer
ASTM D4673 ABS 0400 C43540 FJ100 Z1 Naxalloy A914 PC/ABS alloy
ASTM D4181 POM0213 Duratel MF9 Acetal co-polymer
All approvals are for natural and black (BK) grades unless otherwise stated. CANOD refers to “color as noted on drawing”