Nylene BX3RF

Nylene BX3RF is a medium viscosity, low volatiles, heat stabilized, nylon 6 wire jacketing resin qualified for QMTT2 and QMTM2 plenum applications as well as UV 720hr weatherometer. Offering excellent performance through the range of THHN, THWN, and TFFN constructions. Shields PVC from impact which causes cracking and breaking and general deterioration of the product. Improves the temperature rating of the wire, has good cut through resistance, and high resistance to abrasion. Dried to less than 0.15% moisture, with packaging options of 1,800 lb. gaylord boxes or 55 lb. foil-lined, vacuum sealed bags.

Nylene NX4795

Heat stabilized, lubricated nylon 6 intended for use in coating wire, usually extrusion coated over a layer of PVC on electrical wires for toughness, temperature resistance, and insulating properties, and contains a high slip additive for ease of use when pulling wire through conduit. Delivered dry, with less than 0.2% moisture, and can be extruded as received.

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