Nylene 6207HS BK

6207HS BK is specifically designed for extrusion but can also be used for blow molding and some molded parts High viscosity, 6/12 nylon with high impact resistance and superior flexibility Optimized with good melt strength for high line speeds in thin wall sections Very good physical properties and excellent extrusion characteristics to support extrusion of very complex profiles.

Nylene 764B

Nylene 764B is a heat stabilized, high impact modified nylon suitable for both blow-molding and extrusion. In addition to heat stabilization to prevent thermal degradation, parts molded from Nylene 764B have excellent impact strength right out of the mold without post conditioning. Outstanding features of Nylene 764B include high strength and high cold temperature impact. Cylinder temperatures should be in the 435 – 525ºF (224 – 274 ºC) range. Excellent melt strength to support large parisons

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