Nylene CX3395

Nylene CX3395 is a high RV nylon 6,69 copolymer suitable for both blown and cast film co-extrusion. CX3395 has a lower melt point and is less crystalline than standard nylon 6 resins. In addition to it’s excellent film application properties, CX3395 exhibits superior deep-drawing characteristics.

Nylene PAC900-140U

Nylene PAC9-140U is a high viscosity copolymer of nylon 6 and 6,9. PAC9-140U has many of the properties desirable in nylon 6 coupled with the advantages of a copolymer, which include lower processing temperatures. Effective processing is achieved with extruder and die temperatures in the range of 450 – 525 °F (232°C – 274°C) but may be processed as low as 420 °F (216 °C). Nylene PAC900-140U advantages include high elongation, good clarity and flexibility, and lower processing temperatures.

Nylene NX3024

Medium viscosity, extrusion grade nylon 6 resin suitable for film co-extrusion, coatings, and compounding applications Meets the requirements of FDA regulation for direct food contact Optimum processing conditions should provide a melt temperature of 480 – 500°F at the die Excellent melt stability and good melt strength Nylene NX3024 does not absorb food odors

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