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Third Party Certifications

Through an extensive audit process, Nylene has obtained third party certification for their environmental program from Scientific Certification Services (SCS). This certification acknowledge our system-wide sustainable practices and manufacturing processes. They attest to our commitment to providing environmentally sensible, sensitive and sustainable products and programs.

The certificates are issued for:

Nylene Canada’s Arnprior Nylon-6 Depolymerization Unit

For the following product(s):
RECYCLING PROGRAM SCS - Nylene Canada’s Arnprior Depolymerization Unit

  • Has demonstrated 80% yield of caprolactam from processed waste
  • Over 2,100,000 kg (dry weight basis) of material is recycled annually
  • Capable of processing post-consumer and pre-consumer nylon 6
  • Meets the requirements of the SCS Recycling Program Standard

Conforms to the SCS Recycling Program Standard V4-0

Product Category: Reclamation Process or Program

Registration # SCS-RP-01526_s.pdf

Printable SCS Certificate