Company Overview

“Quality, product diversity, manufacturing flexibility, and a tradition of customer focus makes Nylene the global choice for your polymer needs.”

Your Expert Partner

Nylene’s operations are vertically integrated to include:

Fully Looped Supply Chain

Our strengths allow us to create a fully looped supply chain that allows it to produce both environmentally friendly, cost-advantaged products, as well as comparable quality virgin material equivalents.

Our facilities and recycling program are accredited to the relevant Quality and Environmental standards.

Company Profile

Nylene is a leader in the development of innovative, high-quality nylon polymer, copolymers and compounds. Our value-added specialty nylon resins and custom design capabilities have made us a key supplier to many markets around the world.

About Us

Nylene, is a North American company, which is part of the Polymeric Resources Corporation (PRC). Nylene develops and manufactures specialty nylons and engineering thermoplastics.

People & Locations

We are a proven global supplier with a robust sales network that can satisfy the demands of both small and large industrial manufacturers and OEMs.

Our History

Nylene has a history of innovation and environmental leadership dating back over 60 years. Learn how we became a leading specialty nylon supplier and plastics recycling pioneer.


Our extensive product selection and nylon expertise, makes us a single source supplier of specialty, custom, and standard nylon grades. Our products can be found in automotive parts, lawn and garden tools, food packaging, wire and cable and molded items such as furniture or storage tanks.

Sustainable Nylon

Our nylon production processes incorporates “closed-loop” environmental advantages that allow by-products to be re-introduced and re-used.

Custom Compounds

Nylon compounds, polymer blends, and alloys customized to meet the most demanding applications.

Neat Polymers

With onsite polymerization, we maintain a high level of control over the final product, ensuring consistent quality and performance.

Quality, Health, Safety, People, & Environment

Nylene is dedicated to being an outstanding global citizen by preserving our world’s resources and influencing our customers to reduce their environmental impact.

Sustainability & CSR

We consider it vitally important to take into account our impact on the world around us, including the environment, the community, our customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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Quality Assurance

Our products meet the highest quality requirements. Our management system is certified to guarantee this and is audited regularly by major quality authorities.


Nylene is a family-oriented company that prides itself in the positive work environment and culture that has been developed. We are constantly on the lookout for candidates with excellent skills, expertise and knowledge to join our team.

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