Polymers with only the properties you need.
Supporting Our Customers

Polymers with only the properties you need.

Our expert nylon formulation and compound development services are tailored to help you achieve your goals with precision. Partnering with us means benefiting from our dedicated focus on delivering the solutions that align perfectly with your needs.

Custom Compounding

Our nylon formulation and compound development services focus on supporting your goals. We offer a wide range of molecular weights and additive packages for nylon homopolymers and copolymers that makes this process easy. In most cases custom nylon formulations can be developed in nearly any color to your exact requirements.

Our resins are available in prime and various reprocessed grades, ensuring we can meet your specific cost and performance objectives. Additionally, our product line consists of thoroughly tested and certified compounds that align with stringent performance specifications

Nylene supports OEMs and Tier Suppliers in achieving their goals through our custom formulation services. 

Our services address various objectives, including:
Cost Reduction:

Replace outdated or suboptimal polymers with more cost-effective alternatives without compromising performance or specifications.

Liability Mitigation:

Minimize the risk of material failure and associated liabilities through our reliable formulations.

Price Stability:

Stabilize material pricing to enhance budget predictability and mitigate market fluctuations.

Production Efficiency:

Support zero defect production and reduce scrap by providing materials that enable wasteless, molded parts and enhance manufacturability.

Compounding Capabilities

Our Process

  • Needs Assessment

    Engaging in a detailed analysis of your component's key performance attributes and critical application requirements.

  • Formulate

    Leveraging our internal laboratory expertise and Nylene's extensive knowledge in nylon formulation, we will develop a compound that precisely aligns with your specifications while minimizing costs..

  • Sample

    To ensure compliance with specifications and achieve consistent blending of all ingredients, an initial sample batch will be compounded for thorough testing.

  • Approve & Produce

    Upon approval, a full-scale batch will be produced, and prototype parts will be molded accordingly.

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