About Nylene

Nylene is a leading manufacturer of nylon polymers, copolymers and compounds for a wide range of industries.

Nylene, a subsidiary of Polymeric Resources Corporation (PRC), is a globally recognized supplier of thermoplastic resins. Established in 1979, PRC operates in both the United States and Canada, boasting ISO-certified facilities. Nylene offers a diverse range of prime and reprocessed grades, tailored to meet a wide array of customer needs. This allows us to provide high-quality nylon products to various industries, specializing in custom compounds for automotive, packaging, power cable, injection molding, extrusion, and rotational molding applications.

With over 60 years of operational expertise, we are committed to environmental sustainability through recycling efforts. Our premium nylon resins find application in an extensive range of products including vehicle parts, fuel and chemical tanks, gardening tools, food packaging, wire and cable products, carpet fibers, as well as molded items like furniture and industrial storage containers.

Agile Manufacturing for Tailored Solutions.

Meeting Every Customer's Needs,
Big or Small

Comprehensive Selection of Nylon-Based Resins

We offer customized compounds and virgin nylon polymers, copolymers and terpolymers, backed by expert technical expertise.

Rapid Market Entry with Value-Added Services

Our value-added services ensure swift market entry, consistently improving productivity, end-use performance, and profit margins.

Flexible Manufacturing for Specialized Solutions

Catering to customers of all sizes, we are a fully integrated manufacturer known for swift delivery and exceptional responsiveness.

Our Expertise.

We excel in delivering technically innovative and environmentally responsible solutions with speed and efficiency.

Custom Compounding

We produce products that major manufacturers overlook due to volume or unique specifications. Whether it's a large or small order, we can fulfill it swiftly and efficiently.

Fast Formulation

We deliver a fast response to your specific needs. We then work you to evaluate the product’s performance to determine whether it meets application requirements.

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New Product Development

We embrace the pursuit of innovative concepts. If you require a product not presently in our line, our team is equipped to develop it for you.

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Dedicated Support

With experience in all major plastics markets, our sales and technical support staff are ready to assist you with product selection, R&D, logistics, and troubleshooting.

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Cost Reduction

Nylene provides a range of cost-saving programs. Our team can help identify the program that best suits your product needs, process, and facilities.

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Resource Recovery

We provide customers with environmental advantages for their products through nylon recycling programs and products with recycled content.

Sustainable Solutions

Nylene leads the way in green initiatives and recycling for a sustainable future. We provide a range of high-quality, eco-friendly products with recycled content solutions that meet top standards. Our expertise lies in material innovation, closed loop systems, depolymerization for high-quality nylon recovery, and collaborative partnerships with industry peers and recycling facilities.

Innovative Recycling Solutions

Nylene's Green Initiatives and Recycling Solutions

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