Our Specialties


Low Cost Alternatives

Low Permeation Fuel Resins

Stain-Resistant Cationic

High Viscosity Nylon

Enviro-Friendly Nylon 6

We specialize in manufacturing polymers that boost fuel efficiency, enhance handling, and provide design flexibility for industries such as automotive, aerospace, and transportation.

We offer cost-effective specialty polymers that don’t compromise quality. Designed to meet specific requirements, these alternatives to traditional materials maintain performance while keeping production costs in check—ideal for industries seeking economical yet reliable solutions.

Our specialty polymers for fuel handling and storage minimize permeation with exceptional barrier properties. Compliant with industry regulations, these resins ensure reliable containment, preventing vapor loss and reducing environmental impact.

Our cationic polymer keeps carpets pristine longer, especially in high-end spaces. Its unique properties prevent deep stains, making it perfect for crafting luxurious, easy-to-maintain carpets.

We manufacture high viscosity nylon, ensuring superior strength, durability, and heat resistance for precision manufacturing for diverse applications, from industrial components to consumer goods.

We offer specialty polymers made from post-industrial waste through depolymerization, providing recycled content. Our polymer matches the quality of virgin-grade nylon 6.

Solutions for Your Process

Polymer Solutions for Injection, Extrusion, Blow, and Rotational Molding.

Nylene engineered resins and specialty nylons are designed to meet the unique needs of molders in industries such as textiles, automotive, packaging, and more. From producing stain-resistance fibers to creating components with excellent dimensional stability and mechanical strength, our polymers deliver exceptional performance.
Whether you are involved in injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, or rotational molding, our polymers offer exceptional performance and are tailored to enhance your manufacturing processes. With Nylene as your trusted partner, you can confidently rely on our expertise and comprehensive range of materials to achieve outstanding results in your specific molding specialization.

Nylon Solutions for Your Applications

Specialty Nylon

Specialty Compounds

Nylene customizes specialty nylon compounds, blends, and alloys, incorporating fillers like glass fibers, carbon fibers, or minerals for enhanced mechanical properties. Applications include automotive parts, electrical connectors, sports equipment, and industries requiring high strength and stiffness.

Engineered Resins

Injection Molding Resins

Nylene’s tailored engineered resins cater to injection molding needs, producing nylon fasteners like nuts, bolts, screws, and washers. Characterized by a distinctive blend of lightweight attributes, non-corrosiveness, and non-conductivity, these resins are well-suited for diverse applications in electronics, automotive, and construction industries.

Specialty Nylon

Wire & Cable Insulation

Specifically designed for insulation jacketing applications, Nylene nylon 6 materials offer enhanced stability properties and long-term heat resistance, making them ideal for various low-voltage applications such as power cable, cable tray wire, and THHN/THWN wire manufacturing.

Specialty Nylon

Texile Fibers & Filament

Nylene’s Nylon 6 for fiber and filaments applications meets demanding requirements with exceptional strength, lightweight characteristics, and outstanding abrasion resistance—ideal for durable fibers in carpet, outdoor gear, upholstery, and automotive interiors.

Specialty Nylon

Nylon for Films

Nylene offers specialty nylon homopolymer and copolymer grades for high-quality film production, providing outstanding moisture and gas barrier properties. Ideal for food packaging, shrink wrap, and protective films for electronic devices.

Specialty Nylon

Monofilament Grades

Nylene’s monofilament grades redefine performance in a variety of applications, including precision-engineered trimmer lines. Crafted with precision and expertise, our monofilament solutions offer exceptional strength, durability, and reliability, setting new standards in the trimmer line and other industrial applications

Specialty Nylon

Rotational Molding Resins

Tailored for rotational molding, Nylene polymer solutions deliver superior strength, durability, and versatility—ideal for applications like fuel tanks and chemical storage, meeting the stringent requirements of diverse industries

Engineered Resins

Sheets, Rods & Profiles

Nylene’s Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 are engineered to deliver exceptional mechanical strength, ensuring high-performance gears, bearings, rollers, and wear-resistant components. With excellent dimensional stability, low friction, and resistance to chemicals and impact, they are ideal for applications requiring nylon sheets and rods.

Engineered Resins

Tubes and Pipes

Nylene’s engineered resins ensure optimal properties for nylon tubes and pipes in automotive, pneumatic systems, and fluid transfer. With lightweight characteristics, flexibility, and excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals, they guarantee reliable conveyance of air, fuels, oils, and various fluids.

Specialty Nylon

Coatings & Adhesives

Nylene’s specialty nylon excels in coating and adhesive applications, offering superb corrosion protection, abrasion resistance, and bonding properties. Widely utilized in metal finishing, automotive, and construction industries for outstanding performance.

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