Nylon 6 Fiber Grade with Recycled Content

A sustainable solution for your fiber applications.
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Sustainability Meets Performance

Turning PA 6 Waste into Exceptional Carpet Fibers

Nylene’s recycled content carpet fiber grades have gained recognition for their groundbreaking contribution to the industry. By utilizing recycled materials, we offer a sustainable option that reduces environmental impact and aligns with the values of eco-conscious manufacturers.

A Sustainable Innovation

Our sustainable nylon solutions for carpet fiber are achieved through the process of depolymerization. By utilizing post-industrial nylon 6 waste, this innovative method breaks down the material into its original building blocks, which are then used to create a high-quality polymer. This not only reduces the environmental impact associated with virgin resource extraction but also promotes the efficient use of existing materials.

Performance and Sustainability Combined

Nylene's product offerings include the ability to manufacture materials with up to 80% recycled content, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact. These products offer a range of features and benefits, including:

Medium Acid Receptivity

Nylene offers recycled grades with medium acid receptivity, providing carpet manufacturers with the ability to easily incorporate vibrant and diverse colors into their products, meeting the preferences of their customers.

Proven Performance

Nylon 6 materials with recycled content excels provides exceptional durability to withstand daily use while maintaining vibrant colors and appearance, even in high-traffic areas.

Contributing to Sustainability Goals

Using recycled content in manufacturing supports sustainability goals, reducing reliance on virgin resources and minimizing environmental impact, while promoting a circular economy through recyclability and reuse.

Consumer Appeal

Nylene grades meet the demand for sustainable carpets, delivering exceptional performance and a positive environmental impact. Consumers can enjoy comfortable, stylish, and durable carpets while making an eco-conscious choice.

A Step Towards a Sustainable Future

Our commitment to eco-friendly practices and sustainable solutions has made us a leader in the the carpet industry. Through depolymerization and the use of recycled content, we provide products that meets the demand for environmentally responsible materials. By choosing Nylene's sustainable offerings, manufacturers can create carpets that combine exceptional performance with recycled content, appealing to conscious consumers and contributing to a greener future.

Nylene Products
Nylon 6 for Carpet Fiber Polymer

Our high-performance cationic and acid-dyable polymers are formulated to surpass industry standards. Enhance your carpet products with exceptional vibrancy and durability with quality products from Nylene.

Nylene BS-600-CSDN
Cationic (Light) Dye Nylon

Nylon 6 cationic polymer with enhanced stain resistance for use in carpet and textile manufacturing.

Nylene BS700-A
Medium Acid Dye Nylon

Nylon 6 medium acid receptive polymer designed for use in carpet and textile manufacturing.

Nylene BS700-D
Ultra-Deep Acid Dye Nylon

Nylon 6 ultra-deep acid receptive polymer developed for carpet and textile manufacturing.

Nylene BS700-RA
Recycled Content

Nylon 6 medium dye acid receptive polymer is manufactured using recovered post-industrial waste

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