Sustainable Nylon

Save on cost without sacrificing performance.

Supporting Our Customers

Our approach to cost reduction is to re-engineer products to use less expensive materials or reduced quantities of higher priced materials.

As price increases continue through 2023 and beyond, you may find yourself seeking alternate sources and material replacements. However, with the right formulation from Nylene, you can achieve properties as good or better than materials such as PA 6,6 using materials such as PA6, PP, PBT/PET, polymer blends and even post-industrial recycled blends.
Nylon 6,6 Alternatives

Nylon 6 can offer better surface appearance, processability, regrind stability, weathering performance, conditioning time, and price over Nylon 6,6 and is comparable in these areas:

Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of switching from nylon 6,6 can help you choose an appropriate material for your application.

Economy Grade Resins

Achieve Cost Savings Without Compromising Performance with Our Environmentally Conscious Economy Grades

We offer a range of economy grades (-02/Designation) across all our resin types. These grades provide property profiles that are only slightly below the capabilities of prime grades, making them a cost-effective choice for various applications.

Our economy grades are typically manufactured from a variety of regenerated feedstock or material that did not meet specific properties required for high-performance applications. However, they still meet the performance requirements for a wide variety of parts, offering a practical and economical solution.

Sustainable Solutions that Close the Loop

We go beyond recycled feedstock in our economy grade resins, offering chemically recycled nylon 6 through depolymerization.

Certified by Scientific Certification Systems, this process ensures sustainability without sacrificing performance. Through depolymerization, we transform used nylon 6 into a high-quality product, rivaling virgin nylon, and significantly reducing environmental impact. This eco-friendly alternative minimizes resource consumption and energy usage, contributing to a more sustainable future by diverting nylon waste from landfills.

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Innovative Recycling Solutions

Nylene's Green Initiatives and Recycling Solutions
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