Shooting Sports

Lightweight, Tough, and Cost-effective Nylene Polymers

Polymers For Shooting Sports & Firearms

Nylon is utilized in various applications within the firearms industry due to its advantageous properties

Nylene manufacturers polymers that are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of firearm components and accessories.

Lightweight and cost-effective, these polymers provide exceptional toughness even in cold temperatures, ensuring reliable performance in various shooting scenarios. With their excellent combination of strength, chemical resistance, and thermal stability, Nylene polymers offer unparalleled durability and reliability.

Features & Benefits of Nylene Polymer for Shooting Sports:

With their unique properties, Nylene polymers ensure optimal performance in various shooting scenarios.


Nylene polymers provide a lightweight solution for firearm components, resulting in improved maneuverability and enhanced shooting experience.

Design Flexibility

Nylene polymers offer design flexibility, allowing for intricate and customized designs.

Custom Color Options

Nylene polymers can be customized with a wide range of colors, adding a touch of uniqueness to shooting gear.


Nylon polymers offer consistent performance and reliability in rain, snow, or extreme temperatures.

Thermal Stability

Nylene polymers exhibit excellent thermal stability, ensuring consistent performance even in high-temperature shooting situations.

Impact Resistant

Built to withstand rigorous shooting activities, Nylene polymers offer exceptional impact resistance.

Strong & Durable

Nylene polymers are engineered for strength and durability, providing long-lasting performance and reliability for frequent shooting sessions and extended use.

Chemical & UV Resistance

Nylene polymers offer excellent resistance to UV radiation and can withstand exposure to cleaning solvents, oils, and other substances.

Corrosion Resistant

Nylene polymers are inherently corrosion-resistant, making them an ideal choice for firearm components that may be exposed to moisture or harsh environmental conditions.

Product Recommendations

  • Nylene 5233 BK is a glass fiber-reinforced, long-term thermally stabilzed nylon featuring high tensile strength, stiffness and impact resistance
  • Glass fiber reinforced nylon 6 featuring high tensile strength, stiffness and impact resistance
  • Nylene 5233 is a glass fiber-reinforced nylon featuring high tensile strength, stiffness and impact resistance
  • Nylene 5233 is a glass fiber-reinforced nylon featuring high tensile strength, stiffness and impact resistance
  • Medium viscosity nylon 6 with lubrication and heat stabilization
  • Made for Injection molding applications requiring good physical properties including toughness and rapid cycle times
  • Optimum processing conditions could provide a melt temperature of 460°F-500°F at the nozzle
  • General purpose un-reinforced nylon 6 injection molding resin
  • High flow characteristics at minimal processing temperatures
  • Suitable for applications in both thin and heavy sections that require typical nylon characteristics and easy molding
  • Exhibits an improved impact resistance and flexibility over unmodified nylons
  • Impact-modified nylon 6,6 molding resin with increased flexibility
  • Retains the excellent chemical and heat resistance typical of all nylon products

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Sports & Leisure

Nylene's durable and versatile high performance polymer resins have excellent properties for sports and outdoor leisure applications.

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Off-Road Vehicles & Power Sports

Nylene nylon copolymers grades exhibit high chemical resistance and low permeability to fuel systems and small engine gas tanks.

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