Acid Dye-Receptive Polymer

Dyable Cationic Nylon 6 Polymers for Carpet Fibers
Acid Dyable Nylon 6
Nylene has the polymerization parameters to produce regular, medium and ultra-deep dyable nylon 6 for use in carpet fiber systems. 

Medium and Ultra-Deep Acid Dye Polymers

Nylene, offers a range acid dyable nylon 6 solutions – Nylene Medium Dye and Ultra Dye for Carpet Fiber Nylon 6. These dyes are specially formulated to offer outstanding color vibrancy and versatility, empowering carpet manufacturers to create stunning and durable carpets that captivate the senses.

Vibrant Colors

Nylene's Color-Retaining Polymers for Lasting Brilliance

Nylene’s Medium Dye and Ultra Dye polymers are engineered for carpet fiber, excelling in absorbing and retaining vibrant colors. Their adaptability in dyeing techniques ensures consistent coloration, making them ideal for enhancing carpets’ visual appeal. These polymers establish a new benchmark in carpet fiber chemistry with enduring color brilliance, showcasing exceptional performance.

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Exceptional Performance

Outstanding Performance Characteristics

The acid-dyable polymer excels in high-traffic areas, maintaining its vibrant colors and durability even in busy settings. Its exceptional performance makes it an ideal choice for applications demanding both visual appeal and resilience.

Customization Options

Nylene's Medium Dye and Ultra Dye Bring Carpets to Life

Nylene Medium Dye and Ultra Dye offer nylon 6 exceptional compatibility and dye uptake. Whether it’s a plush residential carpet, a durable commercial carpet, or an intricately patterned carpet, carpet fibers made with Nylene polymers deliver consistent and uniform coloration, allowing manufacturers to create customized carpets to suit diverse customer preferences.

Differential Dye Effects​

"Medium” Acid Dye ​

100% BS 700 A with blue acid dye

“Mid” Deep Dye

Blend of BS-700-A & BS-700-D

“Ultra” Deep Dye ​

100% BS-700-D

Differential Dye Effects​ Diagram

"Medium” Acid Dye ​


“Full” Cationic Dye


“Ultra” Deep Dye ​


“Mid” Deep Dye


“Light” Dye



“Light” Dye

lend of BS 600 CSDN and BS 700 A

“Full” Cationic Dye

100% BS 600 CSDN with red basic dye


“Full” Cationic Dye & “Ultra” Deep Dye

A Step Towards a Sustainable Future

Our commitment to eco-friendly practices and sustainable solutions has made us a leader in the the carpet industry. Through depolymerization and the use of recycled content, we provide products that meets the demand for environmentally responsible materials. By choosing Nylene's sustainable offerings, manufacturers can create carpets that combine exceptional performance with recycled content, appealing to conscious consumers and contributing to a greener future.

Nylene Products
Nylon 6 for Carpet Fiber Polymer

Our high-performance cationic and acid-dyable polymers are formulated to surpass industry standards. Enhance your carpet products with exceptional vibrancy and durability with quality products from Nylene.

Nylene BS-600-CSDN
Cationic (Light) Dye Nylon

Nylon 6 cationic polymer with enhanced stain resistance for use in carpet and textile manufacturing.

Nylene BS700-A
Medium Acid Dye Nylon

Nylon 6 medium acid receptive polymer designed for use in carpet and textile manufacturing.

Nylene BS700-D
Ultra-Deep Acid Dye Nylon

Nylon 6 ultra-deep acid receptive polymer developed for carpet and textile manufacturing.

Nylene BS700-RA
Recycled Content

Nylon 6 medium dye acid receptive polymer is manufactured using recovered post-industrial waste

Related Markets & Applications

Green carpet background photo representing carpet fibers made with recovered raw materials
Nylon 6 Fiber Grade with Recycled Content

Nylene provides an eco-conscious choice for carpet manufacturers looking to integrate sustainable materials.

Stain Resistant Cationic Dyeable Nylon

Engineered to withstand everyday spills and stains, this specialized nylon polymer allows you to create enduring, beautiful products that retain their color brilliance.

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