Social Responsibility

People, Health & Safety
People, Health & Safety

Making a positive difference in our communities.

Social responsibility is a core Nylene value and one of our strategic goals is to continue to be a caring and responsible corporate citizen in all the communities where we live and work. 

Sustainability Priorities
Diversity & Inclusion

We respect people of all backgrounds. We value diversity and look forward to a future in which all individuals are treated equally.

Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to providing the community with accurate, reliable information about our facilities. We also welcome your questions or concerns about site operations.

Clean, Safe, & Healthy Work Environment

Communication and transparency are essential elements determining how the safety of our products is perceived in the public. Nylene actively communicates relevant information across the value chain to customers, suppliers, logistic providers as well as the public.

We never compromise on safety. For us, that means ensuring and continuing to develop safe working conditions. Our safety concepts serve to protect Nylene employees, contractors and our neighbors.

Occupation safety plays a fundamental role in our daily routine.  It includes regular safety instructions in our production facilities as well as ongoing audit.  We promote and monitor safety awareness of employees, through methods such as risk assessments, safety rules, and training activities.

All our employees have received training in occupational safety and WHIMS.

Community Engagement

Through partnerships, sponsorship, and charity donations, we are contributing to the well-being of our neighbors.

University Bursaries

Nylene Canada awards a bursaries to students who have the highest standing in any two university entrance sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology).


We support community sports and recreation programs to ensure that more people have access to sports and the personal development opportunities they provide.

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