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Tailored Strength, Resilience, and Performance for Industrial Applications
Performance in Demanding Environments

Versatile and Durable Nylon Resins for Agricultural

We provide nylon for many demanding applications, including those that require high load bearing capacity, low coefficient of friction, and good environmental and chemical resistance. As a result, Nylene is commonly used by molders to provide replacement parts or components for their customers.

Our specialized nylon polymers redefine durability, offering unmatched strength, wear resistance, and chemical resilience.

Bearing Cages
Conveyor Roller
Filter Bowls
Internal Instrument Panel Hardware
Material Handling
Motor Brackets
Parts Tray
Power Equipment Housings
Pump Housings
Sight Windows
Valve Bodies
Water & Sump Pump Housings
Water & Sump Pump Impellers

Nylene Resins for Optimal Tool Performance

Recognizing the unique requirements of the heavy machinery and construction industry, Nylene provides a range of customization capabilities. Our experts collaborate closely with customers to develop tailored nylon solutions, taking into account specific application needs, performance goals, and regulatory standards. 

Whether it's material formulation, color options, or additional additives, we ensure that our nylon solutions align precisely with your requirements.

Features and Benefits of Nylon

  • Strength & Elasticity: Nylene's nylon stands as a symbol of resilience. It boasts remarkable strength and elasticity, enabling components to endure even the most strenuous mechanical stresses.
  • Weather & Chemical Resilience: Nylon's inherent resistance to weathering and chemicals ensures enduring performance in challenging environments, enhancing the longevity of your applications.
  • Wear & Abrasion Resistance: Our nylon solutions excel in wear and abrasion resistance, prolonging the lifespan of critical components and reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Impact Strength: With high impact strength, Nylene nylon remains unfazed by sudden and demanding forces, providing steadfast support in unpredictable conditions.
  • Self-Lubrication: The self-lubricating properties of our nylon reduce friction, resulting in smoother operation and decreased wear, ultimately contributing to increased efficiency and decreased maintenance.
  • Corrosion & Chemical Resistance: Nylene nylon is engineered to combat corrosion and withstand corrosive chemicals, ensuring dependable performance even in the harshest chemical environments.
  • Low Coefficient of Friction: A low coefficient of friction minimizes energy loss and enhances the efficiency of your machinery, resulting in improved overall performance.
  • Enhanced Safety & Visibility: Our nylon materials are paintable, allowing for high visibility and color customization that enhances safety and operational awareness.
  • Lightweight Advantage: Nylene nylon combines strength with lightweight attributes, optimizing the balance between performance and ease of use.
  • Food Safe Grades: Select Nylene nylon materials are certified food safe, opening doors to applications where hygiene and compliance are paramount.

Nylene's Range of Nylon Solutions for Industrial and Machine Parts

Nylene manufactures several types of nylon that are commonly used in industrial and machine parts.  Some nylon formulations incorporate internal lubricants to reduce friction and wear, making them suitable for sliding and bearing applications. 

The common nylon types used in these applications include:

PA 66

Nylon 66

Offers improved heat resistance and dimensional stability compared to Nylon 6. It's used in applications that require higher operating temperatures.

Applications: engine components and under-the-hood parts

PA 6

Nylon 6

Known for its excellent balance of mechanical strength, toughness, and chemical resistance. 

Applications: gears, bearings, rollers, and other high-wear components. 

PA 12

Nylon 12

Known for its outstanding impact resistance, low moisture absorption, and flexibility. 

Applications: cable insulation, tubing, and hydraulic lines

PA 6/6,6

Nylon 6/6,6

A blend of Nylon 6 and Nylon 66, combining their respective properties. 

Applications: various industrial components, from gears to connectors


Nylon 6/10 and 6/12

These variants offer a balance between moisture resistance and mechanical properties. 

Applications: fuel lines and hydraulic hoses


Glass-Filled Nylon

Reinforced with glass fibers for enhanced strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability. 

Applications: used in applications where higher mechanical performance is needed, such as structural components.


Carbon-Filled Nylon

 Reinforced with carbon fibers for improved strength, stiffness, and reduced weight. 

Applications:used in applications requiring high strength-to-weight ratios

Related Markets & Applications

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Tubing Applications

Nylene offers high viscosity nylon co-polymer with high impact resistance, and optimized nylon resins with good melt strength for high-speed production.

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Power Distribution

Meeting power distribution challenges with compliant polymer solutions

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Protective Applications

Whether you need superior adhesion, excellent weather resistance, or exceptional strength, our nylon resins deliver outstanding results.

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Film & Food Packaging

Nylene is a leading manufacturer of specialty products for film applications, with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

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Household & Appliance

With non-conductivity and heat resistant properties, long lasting nylon offers excellent abrasion resistance to appliance and furniture.

electric, wiring, electrics-4198293.jpg

Our material is great for power components and electronics, boasting properties like toughness, flame retardancy and insulation.

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Our custom-made nylon resins are designed to withstand wear from extreme temperatures, chemicals, and harsh weather.

Heavy Equipment

Our glass-filled and modified nylon parts are designed to handle tough conditions when used in heavy equipment applications.

Nylon plastic pipes and tubes background.
Pipe & Profile

Nylene offers high viscosity nylon co-polymer with high impact resistance, and optimized nylon resins with good melt strength for high-speed production.

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