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Wire & Cable Nylon Insulation

We are leading experts in premium Nylon 6 grades for optimal electrical wire performance.

For over 40 years, Nylene has continuously supplied the world’s leading wire and cable manufacturers with high-quality nylon 6 resins for electrical wire applications. Customers of all sizes depend on our exceptional product consistently to deliver outstanding performance of a variety of gauges and line speeds.

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Key Characteristics of Nylene Resins

Nylene BX3 Nylon Jacketing Products

In the wire and cable manufacturing industry, the use of high-performance materials is essential to ensure reliable and efficient operation. Nylene, a manufacturer specializing in nylon-based solutions, offers a comprehensive range of exceptional wire and cable grades that excel in insulation jacketing applications. These nylon 6 wire jacketing materials possess enhanced stability properties and long-term heat resistance, making them an ideal choice for various low-voltage applications.

High-performance Nylene wire and cable grades are used as insulation jacketing in a diverse range of applications including power cable, cable tray wire, THHN/THWN wire manufacturing.

Nylene nylon wire jacketing materials have enhanced product stability properties and long-term heat resistance.

Wire and Cable Applications Using Nylon

The versatility of Nylene wire and cable grades allows their utilization in a diverse range of applications.
Appliance Wire
Cable Tray 1/0-1000 AWG [53.5mm²-507mm²]
Entrance Cable 1-4/0 [42.4mm²-107mm²]
NM-B/UF-B 14 AWG to 2 AWG
Plenum Cable Compounds
Standard circuit in NA: 14 & 12 AWG wire
TH THHN Electrical
Wire Insulation
Power Cable
Nylene nylon is widely used as insulation in power cables
Power Cable
The excellent electrical insulation properties of these grades ensure safe and efficient power transmission in various industries.
Cable Tray Wire
Reliable and durable nylon material for effective protection
Cable Tray Wire
Nylene grades provide excellent resistance to environmental factors, including moisture and temperature variations.
Common electrical wiring applications
These wires are commonly used in building wiring, residential, and commercial applications, where high-performance insulation is essential.

UL Product Compliance

Nylene wire and cable products are UL registered meeting the requirements of UL 83, CSA NM for wire jacketing)

Nylene Wire & Cable Grades

Nylene BX3 nylon insulation used as protection on its own or over the PVC insulation layer in less then 600V applications.

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Our material is great for power components and electronics, boasting properties like toughness, flame retardancy and insulation.

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