Environmental Priorities

Environmental Initiatives
Commitment to Sustainable Practices

We Are Part of the Solution

At Nylene, environmental stewardship isn’t just a duty; it’s our core commitment. We’re dedicated to pioneering sustainable solutions that tackle environmental challenges head-on. Through strategic projects and continuous innovations, we’re shaping the future of sustainable nylon production, setting new standards in the industry.

With support from NRCan and Enbridge in 2022, Nylene Canada introduced an Energy Management Information System (EMIS), revolutionizing its facility

Sustainability Priorities

Enviromental Stewartship

We recognize our special responsibility to the environment and we are involved on many fronts.

In addition to developing sustainable products and processes we are constantly looking for ways to increase the efficiency of our operations and minimize the impact our company has on the earth.

Key Environmental Initiatives

Plant Upgrades

We’re in the process of upgrading our plants extensively to bring them into the modern era. These upgrades center around incorporating advanced technologies and processes to boost production efficiency while keeping energy consumption and emissions to a minimum. By investing in new equipment and infrastructure, we’re aligning our operations with the highest sustainability standards.

Emission Reduction

Our top priority is reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We’ve enhanced our advanced emissions control systems, and in the coming years (2023-2024), we’re proactively planning to introduce even cleaner energy sources. These steps align with global efforts to combat climate change, demonstrating our commitment to a low-carbon future.

Waste Reduction

Reducing waste is at the core of our operations. We use various waste-reducing technologies and optimize material usage to divert waste from landfills, supporting a circular economy. These initiatives highlight our commitment to responsible resource management. Additionally, we recycle by-products to conserve water resources, enhancing our sustainability efforts. Notably, our resources recovery programs use external waste sources to create high-quality resins and employ depolymerization capabilities, helping us recover raw materials for top-grade nylon 6 production.

Energy Efficiency

We’re actively working on reducing our electrical and water usage through focused Utility Conservation programs in both our Canadian and American facilities. Our latest building expansion in Henderson, Kentucky, prioritizes sustainability by integrating energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green design features. This includes incorporating renewable energy sources and implementing energy-saving measures across our operations.

Proactive Sustainability Measures

Nylene USA 2018 Expansion, featuring state-of-the-art compounding building, exemplifies our strong commitment to sustainability. This modern facility employs advanced processes designed to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Flag of Canada on flagpole floating in the sky
Meeting New Canadian Regulations

We are dedicated to ensuring compliance with new government regulations focused on energy efficiency. This proactive approach reflects our commitment to upholding environmental standards across all regions.

Wooden path leading through the swamp and forest in a natural park. Autumn forest landscape
Embracing Nature and the Community

Nylene Canada partnered with a local naturalist club to create hiking trails and nature viewing stations across our 280-acre game preserve. These attract visitors worldwide, promoting environmental education and appreciation while enhancing local biodiversity.

Progress and Achievements

We're proud of the big milestones we've hit in cutting down our environmental impact. Thanks to our dedicated team, we keep making positive moves toward our sustainability goals. Our ongoing commitment assures that we'll build on these achievements in the years ahead.

Future Commitments

Looking ahead, Nylene remains dedicated to advancing our environmental initiatives. We will continue to explore innovative technologies and implement best practives to drive positive change within our industry. By setting ambitious targets and collaborating with stakeholders, we aim to be at the forefront of sustainable nylon manufacturing.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is accurate as of the date of publication (November 2023).  Nylene reserves the right to update or modify its environmental initiatives and progress reports in the future.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Nylene's environmental efforts, please don't hesistate to contact us. We value your feedback and welcome opportunities for collaboration inour shared pursuit of a more sustainable future.

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