Customer Driven Innovation.
Innovation at Nylene

Nylene's Technical Innovations Redefining Industries and Anticipating Market Needs

Nylene’s innovation is not just technical; it’s strategic. With a keen eye on market insights, we align our technical advancements with industry trends, ensuring our solutions anticipate and meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Nylene 600 CSDN stain-resistant nylon 6 polymer was developed for light-dye carpet yarn systems.  This product outperforms the competition.

Sustainability Priorities

Customer Driven Innovations

Everyday we focus on developing new, value-added specialty products that give our customers a competitive edge.  Our customer-focused approach leads us to create cutting-edge specialty products, solving unique market challenges and propelling our clients forward in their industries.

Notable Innovations:
Wire & Cable: Safer, Smarter Solutions

Nylene has introduced premium grades with revolutionary low-smoke Wire and Cable Insulation resin. Engineered for enhanced electrical performance and safety, our solutions set new standards in cable applications.

Specialty Rotomolding Products: Leading in Low Vapor Permeability

Nylene’s Specialty Rotational Molding resins establish new benchmarks for low vapor permeability, meeting the needs of applications with stringent requirements. Our technical precision guarantees optimal performance, transforming the landscape of rotational molding.

Superior Stain Resistance for Carpet Fibers: Mastering Cationic Polymer

Nylene has formulated superior stain resistance and advanced differential dye properties for carpet fibers. This product is known to be the best in the industry for durability and aesthetics of carpets with this groundbreaking solution.

Eco-friendly Performance Polymer: Sustainable Alternatives

As pioneers in the concept of Resource Recovery, Nylene continues to produce eco-friendly Performance Polymers meeting the highest quality, UL approval, and FDA compliance standards. Nylene’s technical prowess ensures a seamless blend of performance and sustainability across diverse applications.

Advanced Monofilament Grades: Precision in Co-polymer Engineering

Our Advanced Monofilament Grades feature superior co-polymers, catering to applications in trimmer line, setting new standards for durability and functionality. Nylene’s technical acumen ensures optimal performance in every strand.

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