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Advancing Sustainability and Versatility: Discover Our Range of Multi-Dye-Level Nylon 6 Polymers for High-Performance Carpet Fibers”

Nylon 6 Solutions

Specialized Nylon Grades Carpet Fiber Applications

Our product line consists of multiple-dye-level nylon 6 polymers for the production of Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) and Solution Dyed (SDN) carpet fibers. Our product line includes multiple-dye-level options and recycled content nylon, ensuring compliance with high-performance and sustainability standards for building applications.

Our stain-resistant cationic nylon is engineered to repel stains and maintain its pristine appearance, providing a durable and easy-to-clean solution for carpet fibers.

Experience the exceptional dyeability and color saturation of our acid dye receptive nylon, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting hues for your carpet designs

Choose sustainability without compromising performance with our recycled content nylon 6, which offers the same high-quality and durability as virgin nylon while reducing environmental impact through the use of post-industrial waste.

60+ Years of Industry Expertise

Benefit from Our Experience

As former manufacturers of premium carpet yarns ourselves, we intimately understand our customers’ needs for durable, attractive, and environmentally responsible carpet yarn products.

Nylene’s nylon 6 carpet fiber grades were designed specifically to meet these requirements.

Nylon 6 for Carpet Fiber

Why Nylon 6 for Fiber Applications?

Durable, Colorful, and Easy to Maintain

Fibers made with Nylon 6 are durable, soft, and hold color very well, which means they can be dyed in a wide variety of vibrant colors and will retain these colors after long use and some degree of sun exposure.   

Nylon 6 fibers resists abrasion better than almost any other carpet fiber, and it cleans easily— due to the inherent stain resistance of the polymer and additional stain blocker treatments that can be applied after dyeing and cleanings.  

Stair Fiber
Residential Carpet

Nylon provides the widest style options available in nylon carpet fiber for residential end-uses. Carpets made from nylon are often used in high traffic areas where durability and performance are a concern.

Carpet Fiber Floor
Commercial Carpet

Offering the best performance of any commercial carpet fiber, 100% renewable nylon 6 fibers are used in sustainable buildings with high pedestrian traffic, like retail, hospitality, hospitals and airports.

Astro Turf
Outdoor Carpet & Turf

Used in for its strength, elasticity, and UV resistance, nylon, creates resilient, weatherproof products perfect for exterior rugs, as well as some indoor/outdoor synthetic grass systems.

Nylon 6 Advantages

  • Superior appearance retention due to high resilience
  • Excellent resistance to wear, crushing and matting due to high tenacity and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent dirt resistance
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Unlimited styling capability and color versatility
  • Easy to dye with low energy in beautiful colors
  • Low production energy
  • 100% recyclable

Nylon 6 VS Nylon 6,6 Article
Clemson University Study

Nylon 6 is a standout choice in the nylon family due to its eco-friendly profile—it's more cost-effective to make and easier to recycle than Nylon 6,6. The Clemson University study offers valuable insights into the performance of both nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 fibers.

Our specialized nylon fiber grades provide versatility across various applications, including carpeting, upholstery, and artificial turf.

Carpet & Textile Solutions

Green carpet background photo representing carpet fibers made with recovered raw materials
Nylon 6 Fiber Grade with Recycled Content

Nylene provides an eco-conscious choice for carpet manufacturers looking to integrate sustainable materials.

Stain Resistant Cationic Dyeable Nylon

Engineered to withstand everyday spills and stains, this specialized nylon polymer allows you to create enduring, beautiful products that retain their color brilliance.

Acid Dye-Receptive Polymer Background Image
Acid Dye-Receptive Polymer

Nylene produces deep, regular, and specialty cationic dye resin with acid stain resistance for carpet fiber & upholstery extrusion.

Explore the limitless possibilities with Nylene's industry-leading polymer solutions

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