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Nylene – Specialty/Film Division

Nylon - the essential layer in barrier packaging film

Nylene provides custom-designed film grade products that optimize productivity for customer processes and end uses. Our production capabilities are flexible, allowing for customized formulations and volumes to meet specific requirements.
Nylene is a leading provider of high-quality nylon resins in the packaging industry. Our nylon resins offer outstanding barrier properties, protecting packaged goods from moisture, gases, and contaminants. They provide strong and durable packaging materials, even in challenging conditions. Our nylon resins are also highly processable, allowing for easy shaping and forming into different packaging shapes and structures.
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Nylon Polymers & Co-polymers

Nylene Solutions for Packaging

PA 6
Nylon 6

Nylene PA 6 offers excellent strength, impact resistance, flexibility, and superior heat resistance. With its outstanding barrier properties, PA 6 provides enhanced protection against moisture, gases, and contaminants.

PA 6/9
Nylon 6/9

Nylene's PA 6/9 is a high-performance copolymer for packaging applications, offering excellent chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, superior strength, impact resistance, and dimensional stability by combining the best attributes of PA 6 and PA 9.

PA 6/6,6
Nylon 6/6,6

Nylene's PA 6/6,6 is a strong and durable material specifically designed for demanding packaging applications. Its exceptional toughness and resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and impact make it an excellent choice for heavy-duty packaging needs.

Nylon Film Applications

Vacuum Packaging

Nylene's nylon resin enables the creation of flexible packaging with custom pockets to accommodate a wide range of food shapes, from hams and poultry to fish, pasta, and gravies.

Cook-In and Boil-In Bags

Nylene's resins enable safe and convenient cooking with microwaveability and high-temperature resistance up to 428°F (220°C), making them perfect for producing boil-in bags.

Protective Liners

Nylene's nylon resin acts as a protective liner in boxes, enhancing shelf life by providing oxygen and flavor barrier properties for a wide range of products such as vegetable juices, pastas, flour, mixes, and cereals.

Laminated & Co-extruded Film

Nylene nylon provides abrasion resistance, outgassing aid, heat resistance for hot fill applications, and excellent chemical resistance and oxygen barrier properties for packaging various foods and chemicals.

Consumer Packaging

Nylene Nylon 6 is an ideal choice for protective packaging during transit, as it can be transformed into strong and durable bubble wrap cocoons, offering excellent resistance against tears and punctures.

Versatility, Reliability, & Compliance

Our Products

Film Grade Products

Die temperature range: 482°F to 554°F (250°C to 290°C)

The Nylene Advantage

Nylene Delivers Customized Nylon Solutions for Your Unique Needs

While our competitors resemble big box superstores in the nylon market, offering standard “off-the-rack” products, Nylene stands out by providing tailored materials that precisely fit specific processes and applications. We have the capability to customize our materials to meet your unique requirements, ensuring optimal performance and results.

Our Value

Why Nylene?

With over 35 years of industry experience, Nylene has earned a strong reputation for delivering high-quality and specialized packaging grades.
Expertise and Support

With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with technical guidance, application support, and exceptional customer service.

Custom Solutions

We understand that every packaging requirement is unique. At Nylene, we offer custom solutions tailored to your specific needs, guaranteeing optimal performance and maximum efficiency.

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Related Markets & Applications

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Tubing Applications

Nylene offers high viscosity nylon co-polymer with high impact resistance, and optimized nylon resins with good melt strength for high-speed production.

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Protective Applications

Whether you need superior adhesion, excellent weather resistance, or exceptional strength, our nylon resins deliver outstanding results.

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Nylene offers an assortment of modified nylon 6 and co-polymers for both tensile strength and flexibility in various tubing and profile applications.

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Pipe & Profile

Nylene offers high viscosity nylon co-polymer with high impact resistance, and optimized nylon resins with good melt strength for high-speed production.

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