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TDS Ref ID: 1284

  • Nylene® NX4795
  • Technical Data Sheet
Resin Type:
  • Nylon 6
  • Heat stabilized, lubricated nylon 6 intended for use in coating wire, usually extrusion coated over a layer of PVC on electrical wires for toughness, temperature resistance, and insulating properties, and contains a high slip additive for ease of use when pulling wire through conduit.
  • Delivered dry, with less than 0.2% moisture, and can be extruded as received.
Properties ASTM/ISO Procedure Unit English SI
Specific Gravity D792 n/a 1.23 1.23
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion n/a mm/mm °F (°C) 2.59E-05 4.61E-05
Water Absorption D570 % 0.12
Tensile Strength D638 (77°C) psi (MPa) 6,527 45
Tensile Strength D638 (23°C) psi (MPa) 11,893 82
Tensile Strength D638 (-40°C) psi (MPa) 14,504 100
Flexural Strength D790 psi (MPa) 14,500 100
Elongation D638 (77°C) % 150
Elongation D638 (23°C) % 70
Elongation D638 (-40°C) % 40
Notched Izod @ 23°C D256 ft-lb/in (J/m) 6 320
Notched Izod @-40°C D256 ft-lb/in (J/m) 0.5 28
Notched Izod @77°C D256 ft-lb/in (J/m) 15 800
Rockwell Hardness R Scale - 117
Heat Distortion @ 66 psi (0.45 MPa) - °F (°C) 167 75
Heat Distortion @ 264 psi (1.8 MPa) - °F (°C) 347 175
Melt Point D3418 °F (°C) 428 220
Dielectric Constant - 3.8
Dielectric Constant (10.0E+3 cycles) - 4.7
Dielectric Constant (60 cycles) - 5.1
Dielectric Strength IEC 30243 kV/in (kV/mm) 440 17.32
Power Factor (10.0E+3 cycles) - 0.05
Power Factor (10.0E+6 cycles) - 0.03
Power Factor (60 cycles) - 0.06
Notes: Testing conducted on dry-as-molded specimens at 73°F (22.8°C}


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      Nylene does not guarantee the accuracy of this information or the suitability of this product for any given application or usage situation. These values are based on test specimens and should not be used to establish specification limits or fabricate tooling.

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