Rotational Molding

Innovations in Roto-molding Materials

In rotational molding, material selection is crucial for ensuring product quality. Nylene offers Nylon 6 and Nylon 6/9 formulations tailored to meet strict CARB and EPA low permeation regulations, especially in low permeation fuel applications. Through rigorous testing, our products achieve remarkably low permeation levels averaging just 0.3g/m2/day—significantly surpassing industry standards—and ensuring exceptional durability. With outstanding performance and reliability, Nylene’s solutions are perfectly suited for demanding applications requiring low permeation, high temperature resistance, and enhanced mechanical properties, all at a competitive cost. This enables manufacturers to operate with confidence and compliance, effortlessly meeting even the most stringent requirements.

Nylon 6 for Low Fuel Permeation Systems

Nylene 494P:
  • Serves as a barrier layer formulation in two-layer XLPE and PE for low fuel permeation systems.
  • Ideal for applications exposed to corrosive chemical environments due to its exceptional chemical resistance.
  • Stands out for its ability to withstand aggressive chemicals compared to traditional plastics like polyethylene.
  • Offers enhanced chemical resistance without compromising mechanical properties or processing ease.

Nylon 6/69 for Cost-Effective Performance

Nylene 894:

  • Cost-effective barrier layer material in XLPE and PE with lower processing temperatures for faster cycle times.
  • Engineered for exceptional high-temperature endurance during the rotational molding process.
  • Provides superior thermal stability compared to PA 6, ideal for extreme temperature environments.
  • Surpasses PE-based materials in both thermal resistance and mechanical strength, ensuring dependable performance in demanding applications.
  • Offers a superior solution for extreme thermal conditions, prioritizing durability and rigorous processing requirements.

High-Impact Nylon for Single or Two-Layer Applications

Nylon 6 and Nylon 6/69 High Impact Grades:

  • Nylene 494P IM and Nylene 894 IM are versatile options suitable for both single and two-layer applications in low fuel permeation scenarios.
  • Both PA 6 and PA 6/9 high impact grades optimize the roto-molding process, allowing for a streamlined, one-step procedure for single-layer tanks without the need for additional post-mold treatments.
  • The innovative Nylene 894 IM PA 6/69 formulation enables lower processing temperatures, leading to faster cycle times, improved efficiency, and minimized waste in single-layer tanks and containers.
 Nylene 494PNylene 494P IMNylene 894Nylene 894 IM
Hydraulic Oil TanksYYYY
Hot Air DuctsYYYY
Blower HousingsYYY 
Industrial ContainersYNYY
Diesel Fuel Tanks Fluid TanksYYYY
Diesel Exhaust  YY
Chemical StorageYYYY
Low Permeation Fuel TanksYYYY
Low Fuel Permeation Barrier Systems
Single Layer Fuel & HydraulicYYYY
Two Layer System Fuel & HydraulicYYYY
Compliance & Certification Info
Meets CARB & EPA Low Permeation RegulationsYYYY
Q-13-016 CARB Executive Order Letter *Y   
Q-08-028 CARB Executive Order Letter * Y  
Passes FMVSS 302 (Self-Extinguishing)YYYY
Key Features & Benefits
Higher Heat ResistanceYYYY
Chemical ResistanceYYYY
UV ProtectedYYYY
Abrasion & Wear ResistanceYYYY
Excellent Environmental Stress Crack ResistanceYYYY
Strength & ModulusYYYY
Excellent RT Impact Strength Y Y
Lower Processing Temp. Faster Cycle Times  YY
Excellent Cold Temperature Impact   Y

*CARB Executive Order Letter for Innovative Product

Trust Nylene for Your Roto-molding Needs:

With Nylene specialty nylon materials, you can trust that your roto-molding applications will meet the highest standards of quality, performance, and compliance.
Contact us today to learn more about how our products can meet your specific application needs.


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