Nylene 894

Rotational Molding Engineered, Heat Stabilized, Nylon 6 Compound

Nylene 894 IM

Nylon 6/69 copolymer specially formulated for the ROTOMOLDING process. For uses where HIGH IMPACT properties are required. Heat stabilized for protection against elevated temperatures. Resistant to gasoline permeation. Chemical resistant to aromatic solvents. Permits a single-step process and a single layer material fuel tank.

Nylene PAC9-130U

Effective processing is achieved with extruder and die temperatures in the range of 450 – 525 °F (232°C – 274°C) but may be processed as low as 420 °F (216 °C). Nylene® PAC9-130U is a copolymer of nylon 6 and has many of the properties desirable in nylon 6 such as toughness, chemical resistance and strength coupled with the advantages of a copolymer. These advantages include high elongation, good clarity and flexibility, and lower processing temperatures.

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