High Viscosity Blow Molding

Processing Considerations for High Viscosity Blow Molding

Recommended Processing Considerations: High Viscosity Blow Molding

Processing Conditions: Blow Molding High Viscosity PA 6Melt

Residence Time: Screw should not be left idle for more than 3 – 4 minutes with melt in the barrel. Excess residence will be visible as black carbon specs in the melt.Line

Fill Rate: fast fill rates are suggested for best surface appearance.

Drying Temperature: Although Nylene resins are packaged and delivered in a low moisture state, it is good material handling practice to use a hopper dryer to maintain dryness. Should pre-drying be necessary, using settings of 180 ?F (82?C) air at dew point of -40 at a rate of 1 cu. ft. / hour per pound of resin and a residence time of 2-4 hours.


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