PA6 Injection Molding – Impact Modified

Processing Considerations for PA6 Injection Molding – Impact Modified

Recommended Processing Considerations: PA6 Injection Molding - Impact Modified

Melt Temperature: Melt Temperature: Nylene® PA6 melts at 428°F, (220°C) actual melt temperatures of 440-560°F (227-293°C) are permissible, depending on residence time and shot size.

Mold Temperature: 120-200°F (49-93°C), highly filled grades require 180-200°F (82-93°C) to obtain the best overall surface appearance, higher temperatures will increase crystallinity.

Residence Time: should not exceed 6 minutes if possible, less with higher melt temperatures

Shot Size: should be between 25-75% of barrel capacity.

Fill Rate: fast fill rates are suggested for best surface appearance.

Regrind Level: typically no more than 25% is recommended, with higher levels possible for unfilled grades depending on the end use requirements. Make certain regrind is properly dried to virgin moisture levels.

Drying Temperature: 150-180°F (66-82°C) for 2-4 hours, Nylene® PA6 should be dried to less than 0.20% moisture for optimum performance. Drying longer than 4 hours or at higher temperatures may cause discoloration of the polymer or adversely affect important physical properties. moisture levels.



ProductReinforcement/AdditivesFeaturesResin Type
Nylene 4214
  • Impact Modified
  • Slightly higher toughness with stiffness
  • Nylon 6
Nylene 743
  • Unfilled
  • Cold temperature resistance
  • High impact
  • Nylon 6
Nylene 743 BLK
  • Unfilled
  • Cold temperature resistance
  • High impact
  • Nylon 6
Nylene 323 HS
  • Heat Stabilizer
  • Chemical resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Nylon 6
Nylene 323
  • Prime high flexibility
  • Nylon 6
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